Infinity Countdown: Champions #2-Review

InfinityCountdownChampions2.jpgInfinity Countdown: Champions #2

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Emilio Laiso
Colors by Andy Troy
Lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover by Clayton Crain

How much relevance this tie-in has to the overall story of Infinity Countdown and then Infinity Wars remains to be seen but no matter what Jim Zub has told a wonderful story in this two issue arc.  With the series being so serious throughout the main title and all of the tie-ins, bringing a title with such youthful presence helps to broaden the horizon of this event.

Whether or not this has much impact on any of the plot going forward, Infinity Countdown: Champions #1 and #2 have put together a super entertaining story in two parts.  Challenging the team to fight for the bad guys, who some how are the innocent beings in this book.  Each character is challenged in this issue and has their own aspect of the fight.  None more than Nova.  While this issue falls under the Champions team, at the core the story is about the development of Nova.  Zub has a certain way of presenting this character and it just works so well.  His youthful energy coupled with a huge amount of weight on his own shoulders provides the character and the story so much depth.  Th second issue does dive more into the others members as Ironheart has to face a fight amongst the stars.  The universe can be a scary place and she finds this out the hard way.   Ms. Marvel, Viv and Snowguard also have some great moments in both the fight and the dialogue that ensues afterward.  Finally, Thanos.  In the first issue Thanos seemed to be more of a silent assassin but not here.  Zub lets Thanos spread his wings and show the true might that the Titan possesses.

Even though the issue has some major stakes the script and the art style give it a lightness that fits these characters to perfection.  Emilio Laiso brings that same youthfulness out of the script giving the action fluid action with a light tone.  The double page spread near the beginning of the issue had me stuck on those two pages for a good five minutes just studying every character and movement over and over.  Andy Troy takes a vibrant look at what a space battle would look like.  While still giving the pages the purples and blues that a universal fight would have the brightness of the characters makes each character stand out.  The art is a great compliment to the script for sure.

Somehow Zub is able to take this intense story and make it feel light and fun.  each aspect of the battle is heart-wrenching yet the youthful nature of these characters make it seem like just another day in the life of the Champions.  This story takes a toll on each member of this team and I am very excited to see how that is addressed in Champions #22 and beyond.  The story deserves a high recommendation and the art an even higher one.  This is a must read, especially for those who love these characters and how they work so well together as a team.


Cover: A-
Script: A-
Pencils and Colors: A

Overall: A


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