Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery of Madripoor #2-Review

MysteryOfMadripoor2.jpgHunt For Wolverine: Mystery of Madripoor #2

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Thony Silas
Colors by Felipe Sobreiro
Lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover by Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Jason Keith

Diving deep into the inner workings and underground aspects of perplexing city, Mystery of Madripoor #2 furthers the story of this all-female X-Men team in search of an old friend.  Jim Zub with artists Thony Silas and Felipe Sobreiro take readers on a journey through this crime-riddled city that has, overtime, been left unseen.  Like any big city, Madripoor has its different segments within that make the city what it is.  This X-Men team has to explore every inch to find clues for not only Logan but their fallen teammates as well.

In just its second issue, this title has built a team of X-Men, a team of Femme Fatales for the present day, and built an entire city full of life and wonder.  The issue focuses mostly on the latter two as the X-Men were put together in team form in issue #1.  Zub is able to take a team, Femme Fatales, that has not been seen and give them a new and fresh makeover for the present.  Each of the members of this team has their own underworld criminal feel and together they make up one hell of a group.  Building Madripoor as a layered city with many different levels is an absolute triumph for this series.  Seeing as the title has the name of the city in it, Madripoor had to be another character in the tale and the creative team have achieved that in so little time.  Whether it be the dark underbelly or the vibrant Time Square like wealthy part of Madripoor.

Here is the deal, having two teams made up of all female characters could turn some readers off, but the way that Zub and company present this issue it is such a good story that you do not see it that way.  This issue has two teams made up of some amazing characters with great abilities who happen to be women.  I for one, see it as a great triumph for some of these characters to be able to carry a title.  When a story can be carried by the players within it and not have a plot guide the characters through, it can bring the readers into the points-of-view of each character.

As mentioned before, the world building taking place in this title is masterful.  The art is so important to show the heartbeat of a location and showing  off the many layers of Madripoor gives the book a deeper meaning.  Each sector of the city having its own feel and color palette distinguishes between each and allows readers to see as much as read through this journey.  Plus, those panels that showcase “Hightown” in all of its neon and vibrant glory are really great on the eyes.  Silas also, does a terrific job of showing the personalities of the characters in their clothing choices and hairstyles.  When an issue has so many characters that look-alike, being able to tell them apart via some dynamic art is very important.  Sobreiro does wonders for this issue as well.  With a color palette that seems to never end the issue is a true sight to see.

All in all, another great read for the Hunt for Wolverine event.  Taking readers into another aspect of Logan’s past, one that has yet to have been explored to deeply, gives the importance that this title deserves.  Each of these titles has their own story being told outside of finding Logan’s body.  The injection of Viper and the Femme Fatales brings the deep cuts to this mini-series continuing to play on the history of this al important city.  With some great dialogue, tremendous world building, and vibrant art Mystery of Madripoor #2 is another must read for this huge event in the Marvel universe.

Cover: A
Script: A
Pencils and Colors: A

Overall: A


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