Infinity Countdown: Champions #1-Review

InfinityCountdownChampions1Infinity Countdown: Champions #1

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Emilio Laiso
Colors by Andy Troy
Lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover by Clayton Crain

This week saw two issues under the Infinity Countdown hit the shelves. Of course who better to tell this two-part tale than Jim Zub.  Having a great feel for how to write these character this writer builds on the overall plot of the series with a wonderful story of redemption and friendship.

After receiving a distress call while trying to sleep the night way, Sam Alexander is called to action.  This issue could easily have been call Nova as he is the central character in the first story of this two parter.  While it does center on Nova and his feelings of regret for not serving justice to Warbringer once and for all, the issue shows just how close this team of Champions is at their core.  Nova is happy with just going on this mission to the stars by himself but his friends will not let him go at it alone.  Zub does a nice job of tying this issue into the overall story but also making it a story of its own. Readers get to see how a team from Earth can be sucked right into this gigantic event. A redemption arc for one character who has some of the best back up that anyone could ask for. The chemistry between character gives the issue a fun and youthfulness that this event needed. The story contained in these pages is very serious and could be universe altering yet Zub still finds time for the humor that can only be in a book with young members.  The adolescent tendencies of each character bring an immaturity to the story that plays well with naivety of these heroes.  Zub also gets to include a certain purple being that is very hot right now, like two billion dollars hot.  The crass way in which this character is written fits well into the story that is being told. Zub presents a group of heroes and one villain that care so much about the cause while another villain just does not care at all. This is a fun way to give the story balance and leaves readers wanting for more.

The art style of Emilio Laiso and Andy Troy gives the issue perfect flow with its softness and fluidity.  A story about a team striving for greatness and with so much optimism has to take aspects from the script and use them advantageously.  The illustrations and color are eye-catching and bright giving the book a great look, overall. With such a vast array of colors used the images just jump off of the pages.

Every installment of Infinity Countdown seems to not only work so well within the confines of this event but also as a continuation of what is great about each character involved.  Written with a youthful flare and draw with poise, this issue is a compelling story of hope and desire.

Cover: A
Script: A
Pencils and Colors: A

Overall: A


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