Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1-Review

HuntforWolverineClawsHunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1

Written by Mariko Tamaki
Pencils by Butch Guice
Inks by Cam Smith
Colors by Dan Brown
Lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino

Like the teams of each of the mini-series under the Hunt for Wolverine title, the newest team is trying to find Logan before anyone else gets to him.  The difference being that in this comic the characters are trying to find Logan to kill him.  This side of the coin had always been there for Logan.  He has made enough enemies that when it turns out that his body is missing and presumed alive those  that feel they have been wronged by Logan will be out for blood.  Writer, Mariko Tamaki, and artists, Butch Guice, Cam Smith, and Dan Brown, capture the feel of the “great hunt” out on the prairies of the wild west.

The issue beings in a small town in Arizona readers are led down a mysterious sequence with a Logan sighting and a device, which is of unknown origin, that is set off to bring havoc on the town. The issue jumps to a Manhattan bar with Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth are trying to convince Daken to band together to take down the Wolverine once and for all.  They all three have their numerous reasons to want Logan to stay dead. Daken has his doubts about the whole thing but agrees to join them on this fool’s errand.   Readers are bought back tot he town in Arizona where devastation has blanketed everything.  The team shows up in the “Ghost Town” in search of clues to sniff out Logan but are thrown for a loop when the town suddenly comes to life.

Tamaki has started a very interesting and different take on this search to find Wolverine.  The teams in other issue of this title are trying to bring him back to the hero side while this team is just hunting him down to kill him.  The tension between the members throughout is a smart choice because, after all, they are villains, and probably would not get along as well as other teams.  Guice’s art style work well for the characters and the setting that this book seems to be taking place in.  His attention to gritty detail and realism makes this comic have a bit more weight than if it were drawn with a more loose and flow-like hand.  Brown addition of dark and muted colors brings the pencils to life which make this, overall, a great looking book.

All in all, if readers are into this series, then this book fits in well with what Marvel is trying to do in bringing back Wolverine.  Two sides to every story and this is the side that no one will want to win.  This book is definitely going down the violent path and will be the bloody adventure in this comic event.  Each title in the series will serve a purpose being bought together for an epic ending in the future.  So far the sum of all of the parts is adding up to a great event that any comic fan would enjoy.

Cover: A-
Script: A-
Pencils, Inks and Colors: A

Overall: A-


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